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Kikboi Internet Radio

KikboiRadio is an independent artist advocate station. Our specialty programed shows are

designed to put the independent artist on the air via Internet streaming radio.


We are also artist and producers who had success in the business for over thirty years with credits that



Major contracts with:

Sony Records

Elektra Records

Wild Pitch (EMI) Records

DNA International Records


Recording     Mixing     Mastering


Music Production:

Super Lover Cee

& Casanova Rud,

Cartel Gash,

Derrick Simmons Films


KikboiRadio is brought to you by the mother company a branding management

company., KikboiRadio continues to bring you more opportunities and programs, such as, News on the music scene, Special advertising packages, new music mix tapes, and more.


Thank you for continuing to support KikboiRadio.


Connect, Collaborate and Create your project with us.

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